Nicaragua - Las Diosas - American Roast - LIMITED OFFERING
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$ 20.00

Flavor Notes:  Peach, Cocoa, Winey

In our ongoing effort to bring our customers women’s based coffee
projects, Coffee Exchange is reintroducing our Nicaragua Las Diosas.
Dedicated to more than just growing coffee, La Central Cooperativa
Las Diosas (The Goddesses) is a dynamic network of community
based cooperatives run by women and supporting true development
and respect for women’s rights. The cooperative is located east of
Managua in the department of Estelí where much of the land is
devoted to tobacco production and largely controlled by male
producers. Las Diosas consists of four smaller cooperatives, each
managed by its own Directiva (female Board of Directors). Fiercely
independent and determined to succeed in the coffee industry, the
250-member cooperative has made much progress since their
founding in 1996, both in terms of sustainable commercial relations
for their coffee sales as well as the promotion of issues such as
women’s education, housing and health.