Kind of Blue Blend

Kind of Blue Blend

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Light Blend

Full bodied, with a crisp perfectly balanced body, acidity and flavor. A very special light blend, with a backstory:

We used to sell Jamaican Blue Mountain, the most expensive and sought after coffee in the world, renowned for being both crisp and full bodied, yet given its price couldn’t sell enough fast to keep it fresh. One day a regular customer asked for some JBM for a special occasion and, alas, we were fresh out. "Then blend up something that tastes like Blue Mountain. I need it tonight." he said. So, whereas all Coffee Exchange blends had been combinations of light and dark roasted  beans,  this time we took a light coffee known for its crispness, and another known for its full body, and voila! the next day the guy came back exclaiming  "that was exceptional. It was Jamaican Blue Mountain. Had to be. Can you replicate it?" and so a blend was born. "Kind of Blue," the name of Jazz's best album by Miles Davis, is our simultaneous reference to what many call the world's best-tasting coffee.

Blended with fair trade organic coffee beans


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