Mel's Private Stock Decaffeinated Blend

Mel's Private Stock Decaffeinated Blend

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Light Blend

When we opened our business in the 80s, “decaf” coffee tasted like, well,  decaf. So with a couple of Chemex automatics, a half dozen clipboards, and a supply of what was available in Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffees, our father, Mel Fishbein, set out to craft a decaf Swiss Water Process blend that tasted like "REAL" coffee. The result, (after five years of testing): Mel’s Private Stock - Decaffeinated™.” Mel's” has been our house decaf  ever since, brewed daily for over 36 years at Coffee Exchange.

100% Water Process Decaf

Blended with fair trade organic coffee beans


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Our goal has always been simple: To ethically and responsibly source, roast and serve the absolute best cup of coffee, from bean to brew, from farmer to you.

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