Guatemala - Chajul - American Roast
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$ 16.99

Flavor Notes:
Lemon, Red Fruit, Vanilla

The Guatemala Chajulense American Roast is medium bodied with a sweet aroma and lemony aftertaste, while the French Roast version is reminiscent of dark chocolate and brown sugar.

Chajul is in the Ixil region of Guatemala, where The Coffee Trust, founded by co-owner Bill Fishbein, has concentrated its sustainability efforts in education, healthcare, food security, economic development and capacity building. When La Roya, the coffee leaf rust fungal disease that’s been ravaging Central American coffee farms since 2013, hit Chajul, the Coffee Trust found itself needing to shift gears from promoting general sustainability, to finding very specific solutions to coffee farmers’ capacity to survive the devastation. (Chajul lost 75% of its crop in 2014) Uprooting old coffee plants and replanting disease resistant plants was a first major effort, but maintaining healthy plants using EMs (effective micro-organisms) and food security measures allowing Chajulense families to plant their own food using an indigenous compasino a compasino (farmer to farmer) methodology has lead to increased participation by up to 1500 farming families, up from an original 150, in two years. Through fundraisers by several cafes around the country, and Coffee Exchange’s efforts including the now famous ((it’s been going on for 26 years and counting) New Year’s Day Fundraiser, Coffee Exchange customers and staff have raised over $25,000 for the Coffee Trust’s Roya Recovery Project.