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CocoMiel 70% Cacao Chocolate Bars
CocoMiel Guatemalan Cocoa Bean

CocoMiel Chocolate Bars

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70% Cacao Lachuá Chocolate Bars, 1.98 oz. each

Guatemala's most exquisite chocolate comes from cacao trees grown in Lachuá, located in north-central Guatemala. Lachuá cacao—intercropped with Madre de Cacao, timber, and fruit trees—has hints of mocha, strawberry, and lemon curd.

CocoMiel established a profit-sharing model to create an opportunity for Guatemalan cacao producers to enter the US marketplace and earn their fair share of the profits their chocolate earns in the States.


CocoMiel purchases the cacao directly from local producers at a price 186% greater than the fair trade price. In addition, once sold in the US, CocoMiel shares half of its gross profits with the original producers. 

Cacao in Guatemala

Guatemala is forest land, far more hospitable to trees than almost any other vegetation. The deep roots from cacao trees protect against erosion, preserving the land naturally during hurricanes and violent rains common to Guatemala, while at the same time capturing enormous amounts carbon from the atmosphere.

About Lachuá

The “Eco-region Lachuá” around Lake Lachuá is home to 143 Q’eqchi’ Maya families, many of whom live off-grid and rely on the production of cacao, honey, cardamom, corn and other crops for their livelihoods. The cacao farmers are organized into two certified organic community associations, ASODIRP and K’ATB’ALPOM, each with its own fermentation and drying operation. Lachuá communities have planted over 245 hectares of new cacao since 2014.

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