Sumatra - Gayo Mountain - Full City Roast
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Flavor Notes:
Berry, Chocolate, Onion.

 Coming from a region with exceptionally high heat and humidity, Sumatran coffee is renowned for its full body and rich earthy notes. As a Full City Roast, our Sumatran coffee has notes of berry, onion, and chocolate. As a French Roast, it brews a dark, tarry cup, with notes of cooked fruit and unsweetened chocolate. 

This popular lot comes to us from  the Permata Cooperative, growing in the Gayo Mountain region, at the northern port of Aceh. Traditionally prepared to Sumatran standards, this deliciously earthy coffee ferments overnight to then be washed the next day. Afterwards, their coffee gets dried to 40% moisture, where the wet parchment is removed before further drying is achieved. This is a classic Sumatran style coffee incorporated with blends of varietals custom to the area.

Fair Trade / Organic