Peru - Pangoa - French Roast
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$ 16.99

Flavor Notes:
French Roast: Dark Chocolate, Walnut

This Peruvian coffee brews a medium bodied cup, with dark chocolate and walnut notes.
A crowd favorite among our French Roasts.

The Pangoa Cooperative, in the highlands of the western Amazon not too far from the Brazilian border, not only harvests incredible coffee; they have also established a variety of programs to support their members. The Pangoa cooperative encourages ecotourism projects to help supplement farmer’s incomes, developed an educational fund program to loan members money to send their children to university, and additionally created a health services fund to assist members with their medical needs. Starting with only 50 farmers in 1977, the group went through very difficult times when the Shining Path militant group swept through the area driving away many of the regions farmers during the late 80’s. Since that time the group has rebuilt to its present numbers delivering high quality, fair-trade organic coffee to market.