Peru - Cafe Canchaque - Natural Process - American Roast - LIMITED OFFERING

Peru - Cafe Canchaque - Natural Process - American Roast - LIMITED OFFERING

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American Roast - 1 lb
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Fair Trade / Organic

Flavor Notes: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Medium Body

The Canchaque region of northern Piura is one of the only producers of high-quality, unwashed (“natural process”) coffees in all of Peru. Natural processing is the oldest, simplest method, and requires little machinery. Essentially, the goal of the method is to dry the whole cherry, achieved in three steps: cleaning, drying and hulling.

Founded in 1969, Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui is one of the oldest cooperatives in the Canchaque region of northern Piura, Peru. It is named after an indigenous hero, who in 1780, led a rebellion to improve the rights of indigenous Peruvians suffering under the Spanish Bourbon Reforms. Coop Condorcanqui is a member of Cooperativa Norandino. For the past several years, Cooperative Coffees has been working with Norandino to revive the traditional natural process coffees of the Canchaque region. 

This traditional natural processed coffee is characterized by its consistently sweet blend of tropical fruit and caramel flavors, good body and bittersweet cocoa finish.

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