Peru - Norandino - DECAFFEINATED - French Roast

Peru - Norandino - DECAFFEINATED - French Roast

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Fair Trade / Organic

Flavor Notes: Full Bodied, Smoky

Mountain Water Process

Coffee Exchange decaf coffees have been decaffeinated by an all water process which uses no chemicals. Green beans are soaked in water, separating the caffeine and flavor elements from the coffee bean. After filtering through activated charcoal, the beans are returned to the filtered hot water, where the flavor elements are reabsorbed by the coffee.


Depending on origin, growing region, and style of preparation, every coffee carries a unique set of physical and flavor characteristics, affected by such factors as longitude and latitude, amount of sun, shade, rainfall, cloud cover, soil content, nitrogen and minerals, and other factors.

As roasters, our job is to recognize and identify for our guests those special flavor characteristics that define a particular coffee, and determine the roasting methodology that will enhance these very special flavors.

Coffee Exchange offers 5 distinct roasts.  Each coffee is available in the roast(s) that suits its finest characteristics.

American Roast: Light brown in color with a dry surface, this roast is characterized by a light body and a bright, piquant flavor.

Full City Roast: A little darker, this roast creates a rich, sweet, full-bodied and complex cup. 

Vienna Roast:  Even darker, this roast brings the ambrosial coffee oils to the surface of the bean and brews a savory, pleasantly bittersweet cup.

French Roast: This roast results in a dark, oily bean with a bold flavor and a heady aroma. 

Espresso Roast: As dark as possible in pursuit of a densely flavored cup.