Peru - Natural Process - American Roast
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Flavor Notes: Raspberry, Tropical Fruit, Liquorice

Condorcanqui Grower’s Cooperative

Canchaque region of Piura

The state of Piura is in the northern part of Peru nearing the Ecuador border.  Traditionally the coffee farmers in the Canchaque region in the northern part of Piura prepared nearly 100% of their coffee as Natural process lots.  Natural process, or preparation is the practice of leaving all of the coffee fruit on the beans while the beans dry. This practice lasted until the early 1990s when much of the area’s production changed over to Washed coffee, whereby beans are separated from the cherries by a depulper and water,  fermented in water usually for a day or two; then the mucilage is washed from ithe beans. Enter Cooperative Coffees, our sourcing Cooperative. Part of Cooperative Coffees goal is to help facilitate the needs and desires of groups of small coffee farmers to increase the size and quality of their crop.  Since 2012/2013, Cooperative Coffees has been working directly with the coffee farmers in and around the town of Coyona to help resurrect this traditional processing of their coffee. A vast majority of the population in the area surrounding Coyona are the 200 members of the Condorcanqui Growers Cooperative, who love the idea of marketing their coffee as one of the only places in Peru producing high quality, natural process coffee.  The unique flavor profile of liquorice, cocoa, raspberry, and lemon is sure to satisfy everyone.