Mexico - Maya Vinic - LIMITED OFFERING
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Flavor Notes: Sweet Lemon, Almond, Fall Spices

The Producers' Union Maya Vinic is comprised of about 500 coffee farming families located in highland communities in the municipalities of Chenalhó, Pantelhó and Chalchihuitán, in Chiapas, Mexico. Guided by a reverence for Mother Earth, the collective operates with a deep respect for local culture and language, and traditional forms of self governance. 

In the aftermath of the Acteal Massacre in 1997,the founding members of "Las Abejas," a network of Liberation Theology Catechists, envisioned the cooperative, Maya Vinic, as a foundation for a new life after great loses caused by political strife. The founders spent the next 3 years organizing, training, reclaiming land, and communicating, both locally and externally, to build a better alternative to the life they had come from. With a mind towards care and respect for their natural resources, sustainability, and the continued education of it's production partners, the collective strives to produce consistent, high-quality coffee, while building a strong social economy that improves the lives of it's farmers.