Honduras - Eraldo Garcia/Finca El Maguey - Natural Process - American Roast - Limited Offering
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$ 20.00

Flavor Notes: Red Grape, Fuji Apple, Star Anise

 The Coffee Exchange is very excited to bring you all a very limited time offer that comes from a farm named Maguey (agave in English) owned by Eraldo Garcia.  This is another coffee in a continuing series of rare Fair-trade and organic small lots and we think that it’s a winner for sure.  Micro-lots are small harvests from a single farm and small, single farms are usually unable to afford the costs of certifying their coffees.  Micro-Lots coming through a growers cooperative are quite rare as the farmer’s harvests are usually collated into larger, blended lots.  The Comsa cooperative in Marcala, Honduras has figured out an elegant way to allow contributing farmers to offer certified small lots as well as their contributions to the larger co-op lots. This particular natural process micro-lot is surprisingly subtle for a natural process coffee with notes of Red Grape, Fuji Apple, and star anise that come together for a fruity yet pleasant cup.