The Coffee Trust

Coffee Exchange - and our customers and staff - have been proud supporters of The Coffee Trust since its inception, supporting Chajulense coffee farmers with yearly fundraisers, donating a coffee roaster (so these farmers could roast and sell coffee within their own community), and selling Chajulense coffee, chocolate, honey, and textiles. Current global challenges mean our commitment to these Chajulense coffee farmers will take on new significance and dedication - as their ability to provide food for their families has been impossibly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Coffee Trust's Executive Director and Coffee Exchange co-owner, Bill Fishbein, has worked in sustainable development for over 30 years. In 2008, he founded The Coffee Trust with the mission of helping “indigenous coffee farmers improve their agricultural practices, diversify their incomes, and raise healthy families.” 


Working within the municipality of San Gaspar Chajul, located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, The Coffee Trust focuses on economic, agricultural and educational programs, designed alongside community leaders. Believing that communities know what they need best, The Coffee Trust provides the framework and guidance to help these communities design successful and self-managed projects.

Current Updates:

In response to the spread of Covid-19, The Coffee Trust has been working with Chajulense de Mujeres (a women’s saving and microcredit group in Chajul) to provide corn for families facing the economic challenges created by the pandemic.

How we help:

Knowing the importance of giving back to the communities that provide us with some of the world’s best coffee, we are committed to supporting The Coffee Trust and their work with farmers and their families. There are several ways we express that commitment. Each year, and for over 30 straight years, on New Year’s Day, we hold our 1st Cup fundraiser, a community event dedicated to coffee farmers—Our suppliers donate their goods, our baristas their time, customers, local merchants and artists donate hundreds of items for a silent action, and every dollar we make goes directly to The Coffee Trust. 

We are proud to sell Guatemalan products that support The Coffee Trust including:

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