from seed…...

Coffee Exchange is committed to building and supporting fair and sustainable trade relationships that benefit coffee farming families, focusing on quality of life issues and assistance with best-practices business development. In all aspects of coffee  procurement, Coffee Exchange strives to do right by the coffee farmers and the land and waterways where their coffee is grown,  by promoting organic coffee practices where no artificial pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used, and therefore protecting them from the carcinogenic results of the use of these pesticides.

Coffee Exchange is a long time member of Cooperative Coffees,often called “the most forward thinking green coffee purchasing cooperative in the US and Canada,” specializing in Fair Trade and Organic (FTO) coffees from small holding independent democratically-run cooperatives. Coop Coffees often brings new coffee farmers into the Organic and Fair Trade world, assisting them with FTO certification and helping them to  produce better tasting coffee, expand their markets and attain economic stability. Coop Coffees is made up of 23 like-minded coffee roasters spread around the US and Canada, and provides a mechanism for these roasters to compete in the internationally competitive search for th best coffee, and in so doing, ensures not only the farmers get a fair price for their coffee and technical assistance to improve their product, but also ensures our roaster members have access to the finest coffee grown anywhere in the world. cup

What we do with the green coffee is the result of over 25 years of coffee roasting experience, dedication to best roasting practices and a developing coffee roasting  philosophy.

Depending on origin, growing region, and style of preparation, every coffee carries a unique set of physical and flavor characteristics, affected by such  factors as longitude and latitude, amount of sun, shade, rainfall, cloud cover, soil content, nitrogen and minerals, and other factors.


As roasters, our job is to recognize and identify for our guests those special flavor characteristics that define a particular coffee, and determine the roasting methodology that will enhance these very special flavors.

In our small-batch coffee roaster, we roast each coffee so as to garner or enhance these magnificent flavors by managing major elements of the roasting process, like air-flow, gas pressure, and roasting time. At Coffee Exchange, we’re excited about standardizing what we do best in consistently being able to  bring these flavors to our guest’s taste experience.  But we’re even more excited about learning new methodologies and how improving our roasting skills affects the taste of our coffee in the cup.