Kind of Blue
$ 17.49

Full bodied, with a crispness perfectly balancing body, acidity and flavor. A very special light blend, with a backstory:

We used to sell Jamaican Blue Mountain, about 12 years ago, back when it sold for a mere $50/LB on the street. We blended it with Sumatra, but always kept a few pounds "in the back" for anyone wanting to purchase the real thing, freshly roasted, for $35/LB. and we sold our share weekly. One day a regular JBM customer asked for some for a special occasion and, alas, we were fresh out and had none to sell him. "Then blend up something that tastes like Blue Mountain. I need it tonight." he said.  So, where all Coffee Exchange blends had been different combinations of light and dark roasted coffees, this time we blended for flavor qualities.  One light roasted coffee with pronounced body and another for crispness - a  combination found in few origins yet is distinctive in Jamaican Blue Mountain. The regular came back the following day exclaiming: "That was Jamaican Blue Mountain! It was exceptional. Can you replicate it?" and so a blend was born. Later that year, we stopped purchasing JBM as part of our move to purchase only Fair Trade and Organic coffees, neither of which ever described JBM. And then in April, a regular, named Sean, standing at the bean counter, came up with the name, "Kind of Blue," the name of Jazz's best album, by Miles Davis,  and a simultaneous reference to what many call the world's best-tasting coffee.