Congo - Lake Kivu - American Roast
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$ 16.99

Flavor Notes: 
American Roast: Aromatics of garden peas and chocolate, with flavors of white grape and raisin in the cup.

This coffee brews a smooth and complex cup, with excellent acidity, and notes of chocolate, plum, grapes, and orange, with a creamy mouth-feel. Situated on the shores of Lake Kivu, and the first to become Fair Trade certified in Congo, SOPACDI is one of few Congolese coffee cooperatives working with farmers affected by the region’s constant struggles.

A woman’s premium is being paid on all purchases of SOPACDI coffee. In recognition of the fact that an estimated 20 percent of members are women, roasters pay an additional 10 cents per pound on an estimated 20 percent of the coffee they purchase (adding about two cents per pound to the overall price). Women farmers have already prioritized their needs once their first premiums became available – an estimated $USD 8,000. They have discussed the need to build a common shelter, pay school fees, maintain coffee fields regularly, and have their medical expenses subsidized, if not paid. Women have agreed they would also like to be more engaged in the regional economy.